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LEF Spring Art Event

Photos from the event will be available 3/30 

Click here to preview the program, featuring all art work 

This event is SOLD OUT! Thank you for supporting the LEF!

March 28th, 7:00p.m. – 11:00p.m.

Shock City Studios 

Welcome to the Ladue Education Foundation

Ladue Teacher, Don Goble talks with Kristen Wild and Julie LaBonté, introducing the LEF.

The Ladue Education Foundation has the power to unite our community in support of building an extraordinary, world-class public education system right here at home. The Ladue School District has been recognized nationally for its commitment to excellence, but tax dollars alone are not enough to keep the district on the leading edge of educational opportunities for the thousands of students in our region.

With the support of the community through the Ladue Education Foundation, our students can be fully prepared to become leaders locally and nationally in ways that can change the world.

The Ladue Education Foundation advances the excellence of the Ladue School District by expanding opportunities for extraordinary student success.

The Foundation provides for world-class teaching and learning across all disciplines and seeks to do the following:

  • To foster bold innovative thinking and new ideas.

  • To increase opportunities for experiential learning and critical thinking.

  • To develop access to tools, resources, and business and community partnerships for real life experiences.

  • To create a passion for life-long learning.

  • To advance innovative teaching and best practices.

The Ladue Education Foundation (LEF) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) foundation formed in 2006 that enables individuals and organizations to support extraordinary student achievement at all levels in Ladue Schools through tax-deductible donations.